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Hearing aids Reichart

Hearing aids performance classes

Classic Hearing aids Reichart


Hearing aids Reichart

The models have a simple and easy to use basic technology. Good hearing and understanding in predominantly quiet situations is supported.

Comfort hearing aids Reichart


hearing aids Reichart

Devices in this class enable better speech comprehension thanks to multi-channel and hearing program control and feedback suppression. The multi-microphone technology enables natural directional hearing.

Premium Hearing aids Reichart


Hearing aids Reichart

The top-class devices offer natural understanding without compromise, even in difficult listening situations. In addition, multimedia functions improve the viewing experience and telephone conversations.

In-The-Ear Devices Hearing aids Reichart

In-The-Ear Devices

Hearing aids Reichart

Everyone wants a hearing aid that is as invisible as possible. That is why we offer design variants for many models in the different performance classes that are completely in the ear canal. This offers discreet wearing combined with the claim of optimal understanding.


For children Hearing aids Reichart

For children

Hearing aids Reichart

Due to the growth of the ear, only behind-the-ear hearing aids are used as hearing aids for children. Most manufacturers offer miniature hearing aids for children. In our offer you will find hearing aids for children from all leading manufacturers.


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