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Only hearing protection that is also worn can effectively protect your hearing!

For this reason HAWEI was developed by our partner Hörluchs.

The special:
A special material which becomes very soft (20 Shore) when the body temperature in the auditory canal is reached. This ensures that the hearing protection is leak-proof during all chewing and head movements and when speaking. The enormous adaptability of this synthetic material enables the highest wearing comfort and best wearing acceptance.

Naturally with approval according to PPE directive DIN EN 352-2.

Hearing protection that is gladly worn and provides effective protection!

Hörgeräte Reichart in München


  • Filters in 3 designs, depending on individual requirements.
  • Stable plate with eyelet for cord. Red for right - blue for left.
  • Intermediate part, stable connection of the plate with the auditory canal part.
  • Anatomically shaped ear canal section made of a plastic material that softens at body temperature   for maximum wearing acceptance and seal.



  • Highest wearing acceptance due to comfortable fit.
  • Adaptation of the earmould and instruction of the wearer by our qualified personnel.
  • Long service life due to resistant material.
  • Cost savings of up to 70% compared to disposable hearing protection.
  • The optimal hearing protection at the noise workstation.
  • Patented new development.
  • PPE, EC type examination certificate according to DIN EN 352-2.
  • Compliance with the latest legal regulations of the professional associations.



  • In the smaller ear canal shape.
  • In the robust concha shape.
  • Transparent also suitable for use on stage. 

This is how you can reach us!

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