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HAWEIs Impuls

The custom-made impulse hearing protection for sport shooters, hunters, police, military etc.

Due to the special filter - in contrast to conventional hearing protectors - the environment can be perceived and speech understood.


Especially for sport shooters the HAWEIs Impuls offers an optimal support of the ability to concentrate, because the athlete can concentrate on the essential things in a conscious way due to the light basic insulation.

In contrast to the capsule ear protection the shooter can enjoy great mobility! When putting on the gun the custom-made HAWEIs Impuls is not noticeable.

For police and military applications all types of headsets can be connected for communication. 

Due to the warmth in the ear canal, the special material fits comfortably to the ear canal and does not cause any injuries in the ear canal even when the ear is exposed to external influences.

Hörgeräte Reichart in München

Possible applications

  • Ideal for training and competition.
  • Protection against sudden (bang) noises.
  • The perception of the environment is preserved.
  • PPE, EC type-examination certificate according to DIN EN 352-2.
  • Compliance with the latest legal regulations of the DGUV.
  • Easy care without expensive aids.
  • Adaptation of the earmould and instruction of the wearer by our trained acousticians.
  • Highest wearing acceptance due to unrivalled comfort.
  • Unobtrusive, transparent design for musicians, stage or private use.

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