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The ICP - the world's first approved device combination of hearing protection and hearing aid!

After 2.5 years of extensive development work, our partner Hörluchs was able to present this important new development:

Up to now, there was no approved aid for people with (beginning) hearing loss at the noise workplace that on the one hand effectively protected the remaining hearing from further damage and at the same time ensured that the affected employee at the noise workplace could perceive important noises, warning signals or communicate with his colleagues. The consequence for the hearing impaired employee was usually an internal transfer to a quiet workplace, which usually required retraining. In the worst case, the hearing impaired person lost his job or became an early pensioner.

With the ICP he can now continue to work at his workplace as usual.

Naturally with approval according to the PPE directive DIN EN 352-2.

Hörgeräte Reichart in München

Application examples for the ICP: 

  • For persons with beginning to moderate hearing loss. Slight hearing loss is taken into account in individual hearing protection (e.g. Hawei) by selecting the appropriate filters.
  • For persons with recognised noise hearing loss (hearing aids of category I, II or III must not be switched on in working noise)
  • For hearing aid users without a recognised hearing loss (they are also not allowed to switch on their hearing aids in working noise)
  • For hearing aid users who are far below the daily noise exposure values, e.g. when cutting the tiles of a tiler
Hörgeräte Reichart in München

Main advantages of the ICP 

  • Communication skills at the noisy workplace are maintained: First and only communication unit with type examination certificate for people with hearing loss. The ICP can be used both in the factory floor and during meetings.
  • Protective function: Reliable protection of residual hearing from further damage caused by working noise.
  • No change of workplace necessary: By maintaining his hearing ability, the employee keeps his workplace as usual. No retraining necessary! Cost saving for the employer!
  • Warning signal audibility at the noise workplace: Warning signals are perceived and protect the employee from danger.
  • Machine audibility: The functionality of the machine can be assessed as usual by the sound. Safety aspect!
  • No over-attenuation especially in case of advanced hearing loss: When using conventional hearing protection systems, a so-called over-attenuation can occur. Restriction of the ability to communicate and warning signal audibility are thus excluded.
  • Individual adaptation at the noisy workplace: For people with hearing loss who have to perform their work in different and changing work areas, including at the noisy workplace (e.g. master craftsman, foreman) and who have to communicate in many different ways. Work noise (e.g. impulse noise) and (changing) work areas are included in the fitting process.
  • Up to 5 hearing programs are possible: - Program for the noisy workplace. - Program for the noiseless workplace, e.g. meetings, office, etc. - Program for telephoning - ideal when accessibility and communication are required.
  • Directional hearing possible: orientation through directional hearing is guaranteed. Indispensable e.g. for forklift drivers, excavator drivers, road construction workers, motorway maintenance companies, etc.
  • 100% PPE (personal protective equipment) and 100% medical product: Approval according to PPE directive DIN EN 352-2. for earmoulding (passive insulation) and approval according to PPE guidelines for the entire system. No more improvisation with unapproved, risky device combinations.
  • Preservation of the workplace - cost savings for insurance companies: The hearing-impaired employee at the noise workplace is not prematurely charged to the pension insurance company or the BG. Cost absorption for the device can be applied for from health insurance companies, pension insurance companies and professional associations. (Individual case decision!) 
Hörgeräte Reichart in München

Operating principle of the ICP

The hearing protection protects the hearing as usual at a noisy workplace. The frequencies that are also lost to hearing, which are important for work, are determined directly at the workplace in a complex measuring procedure. With this information, the ICP is programmed and fine-tuned with an equally complex procedure - the "insistence measurement" - directly with the person concerned at his or her noise workplace.  

In the schematic representation below you can see the so-called speech banana. In this area, the individual letters are entered with their frequency ranges and volume values. (In the noise range, however, this banana may shift slightly if you have to speak louder). 

The brown line marks the noise level at a noisy workplace. The red line indicates an assumed noise hearing loss, the yellow line this hearing loss plus hearing protection. This means that the hearing impaired person is practically deaf! The ICP now amplifies the frequency ranges that are important for the hearing impaired person's work to the level determined during the Insitum measurement. This enables the hearing impaired person to continue working at his or her workplace.

The ICP is available exclusively from us in the Munich area!

Please contact us for further information! We look forward to your inquiry.

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