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In-Ear-Monitoring (IEM)

Created by stage musicians at the end of the 80s, this technology is enjoying increasing popularity today.

"Omitting the superfluous". Large monitor boxes on stage, through which each musician controls his own voice or instrument, are no longer needed. Instead, each musician wears his or her own in-ear monitor - a small receiver directly in the ear. Ideally in combination with an individually made ear moulded ear mould (= monitor earmould).

Hörgeräte Reichart in München

Clear advantages for the musician

  • Full sound and voice control on the entire stage
  • Considerably lower volume in the ear and on stage
  • Consistent and familiar sound, unrestricted freedom of movement and maximum wearing comfort during rehearsals and concerts
  • In addition to the hearing, the voice is also spared. Singing against the high overall volume on stage is no longer necessary
Hörgeräte Reichart in München

The custom-made in-ear-monitor plastic is now also being used more and more in other areas:

  • Security personnel
  • Moderators
  • Racing drivers and pit crews
  • iPod, MP3, Disc or Walkman
  • Headsets for mobile communications
  • Dictaphone in the secretary's office

Manufactured according to individual ear impressions by hearing care professionals.

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