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Causes & consequences Akustik Reichart GmbH

Causes & consequences

Akustik Reichart GmbH

Presumably everyone has had a whistling in their ears at some time or another after a loud noise or continuous exposure to sound. This whistling usually disappears after a short time. However, with about every 10th whistle, this sound remains permanent. Many affected people describe heavy stress in everyday life. Tinnitus itself is merely a symptom, but the actual causes of this disorder can have completely different triggers.


Therapies Akustik Reichart GmbH


Akustik Reichart GmbH

In principle, there is no general solution for dealing with tinnitus. The most promising solution is to make it easier to accept the sounds. There are many possibilities for this. You can find out here which therapies are suitable for treating tinnitus.

Further links Akustik Reichart GmbH

Further links

Akustik Reichart GmbH

Many studies have dealt with the topic of tinnitus. Experiences in dealing with this problem vary greatly. Every person affected should critically examine the therapies on offer and obtain second opinions. If you are looking for further information, simply use our collection of various internet links.

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