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First, the hearing ability of the test person is measured and then the tinnitus is determined in terms of volume, pitch and concealability. The detailed anamnesis is used to determine which therapies have been carried out so far and in which phase the tinnitus is in. Afterwards it is discussed together with the customer which technical care will be tested within the trial period.

In most cases, tinnitus occurs together with hearing loss. The less the environmental sounds can be perceived from the outside, the louder the tinnitus sound is perceived from the inside. If the hearing loss is corrected with hearing aids, the tinnitus is perceived as less severe or even non-existent in 80% of cases. If it is still audible, some hearing aids allow you to set a tinnitus mask at the same time as the hearing program or separately. 

If only the tinnitus and no hearing loss is present, a tinnitus masker or a tinnitus noiser can be used. A mask "masks", i.e. covers the tinnitus with a defined set noise. The patient suffering from tinnitus usually perceives a quiet noise as much more pleasant than the actual tinnitus noise, which he/she cannot otherwise influence. The mask is always worn when the patient does not want to hear his tinnitus. Through this possibility of masking, the suffering pressure from the tinnitus becomes less and less over time. A noiser works with a special noise, the so called "white" noise, which is used in the tinnitus retraining therapy. The noise of the noiser must not be set to be masking, but at a volume that allows the actual tinnitus to be heard. The noiser is delivered by us and further therapy is carried out by a specialist ENT physician.

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