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Backgrounds - How The Brain Reacts!

We know from modern neurophysiology: For the processing of what our ears send to the brain (possibly with the help of hearing aids), closely meshed structures of many nerve cells and their connections to each other are responsible (see figure).

With their help, the unimportant is separated from the important, the heard is assessed and evaluated and stored as auditory experiences. Due to a lack of stimulation (in the case of hearing loss that is not compensated for by hearing aids) these structures regress. Speech, for example, can no longer be filtered out well from ambient noise.
The good news is that when regular stimulation is repeated - i.e. when the brain receives more impulses from hearing instruments - these abilities can be trained and rebuilt!

And this is where RENOVA HÖRTRAINING® comes in: The parts of the brain that are used a lot have a better developed structure of nerve cells. They are more powerful, transport more and faster information and evaluate it. With the help of special training hearing aids and hearing and comprehension exercises that systematically build on each other, the responsible areas in the brain are addressed and trained. Those who practice regularly can often feel the success after only 2 weeks. Regular measurements are taken to check this. And: The general ability to concentrate and remember can also be increased!  

For whom is this training method suitable?  

For all people with hearing loss who are willing to wear hearing systems and actively participate in order to achieve maximum hearing success. The training strengthens the own competencies in hearing processing. Thus, the support provided by hearing aids can often be more effective. Ideally, the training is accompanied by a new fitting, but also the best possible readjustment of existing hearing systems.


What does this training method achieve?  

RENOVA HÖRTRAINING® is to be understood as a rehabilitation measure. It helps the brain to cope with "new hearing" with hearing systems. At first, everything seems strange and loud and even the abundance of hearing impressions can be stressful. Through consistent training and wearing of the hearing aids this can normalize very quickly. In fact, the processing structures can become more efficient again. The filtering out and understanding of speech despite ambient noise can become possible again.


Is hearing training successful for everyone?  

As with a rehabilitation measure, success depends on various factors. The prerequisite is the consistent wearing of the hearing aids (ideally at least 10 hours a day) and the dedicated performance of the training exercises. In this way the hearing processing can be rebuilt in such a way that a compensatory hearing aid adjustment can also be accepted.


How long should one train?  

Basically a two-week training is sufficient, daily about 1 hour. If exercises are perceived as difficult, it is of course recommended to repeat them. Afterwards, it is usually training enough to wear the hearing instruments consistently and thus to master everyday life. If necessary, further training options are offered.

Over 100 million nerve cells want to hear again. Do not let them wait too long!  

We want our customers to hear better and use their maximum speech comprehension again.
As a certified trainer, we offer RENOVA HÖRTRAINING® for this purpose: The rehabilitation for your hearing - an innovative training concept to strengthen your own skills in hearing processing in the brain. Accompanying the fitting or readjustment of hearing systems. The satisfaction of our customers proves us right!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.  

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